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At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we make it super-easy for you to buy craft cannabis online in Canada. Our aim is to ensure that we deliver you the most superior craft cannabis you can get. The quality of our weed is the reason that we never let you down!

We’re determined to harness the healing properties of medicinal marijuana and offer it to everyone across Canada. It’s important to us to bring you products that you trust. 

Vancouver’s best online dispensary – purchasing weed online cannot get any better than this!

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is premium-grade cannabis grown in small batches, emphasizing quality over quantity. Micro-farms allow growers to control every aspect of their cannabis cultivation, from seedling to harvest to cure, so that you get the most incredible aromas, flavors, and results. 

We have carefully curated our Craft Cannabis Collection to ensure you receive the best possible smoking experience that will leave your buds blown away. Our products are grown by reputable, medicinally-licensed, quality-driven and passionate producers in British Columbia who have been in the industry for generations. These close-knit community members carry age-old wisdom and knowledge to cultivate the world’s best cannabis. With their help, we are committed to providing safe, potent, and the most delicious craft cannabis products.

You’ll get the best terpenes, potent puffs, and the easiest online experience with us. From AAAA to premium AAA+ craft cannabis – we’ve got you covered with weed delivery straight to your door. 

Look at our craft cannabis collection:

  • Gas Mask (Cherry Pie Strain)
  • Polynesian Thin Kush Mints (Kush Mints Strain)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Kush (Vanilla Kush)
  • Peanut Butter Rockstar (Peanut Butter Strain)
  • Tuna Kush (Black Tuna Strain)
  • Wedding Crasher Strain (Wedding Cake strain)

Cannalyft Craft Cannabis is more than just fine crafted weed, it’s a cure for your problems. We pride ourselves in sourcing medical-grade kush strains providing a one-stop-shop for you. With the most efficient customer service available in Canada, we assist with whatever you need, educate you about CBD and provide you with the best CBD products.

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