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Extracts, concentrates, oils, vapes, they are all good products. But, the joint is beyond that – it’s iconic. At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we make it easy for you to buy cannabis pre rolls online without hassle and worry. If you’re looking for weed delivery in Vancouver, B.C, we’ve got you covered. Your satisfaction is our priority and guarantee.

A Timeless Classic

No matter what new products come to market, the joint will stay the top pick of every cannabis enthusiast and the thing they come back to over and over. We can debate whether some products are better than others but here at Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we believe the joint is the original – and most beloved way to smoke. And now, no matter where you are, you can have one pre rolled everywhere you go.

The Art of Rolling

There’s just something about rolling your joint, grinding your weed and lighting it up for the first inhale. It’s magical. Most people know how to make a joint. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube which you can watch in order to learn it. It’s not that hard but you do need to try it several times in order to get a hang of it.

Even though for many cannabis lovers rolling a joint is a work of art, for some people it’s hard and often unenjoyable. They usually ask someone else to roll a joint for them or wish that they could buy a pre-rolled joint from the counter. And now, they can.

History of Pre Roll Joints

Ten or so years ago, weed wasn’t legalized in many countries. There weren’t online dispensaries before and you couldn’t go and buy a pre-roll. Weed shops in Amsterdam, the cradle of weed world, were first to implement this product in their catalogue. They realized that people come to the shop for a cup of coffee and don’t really have time to roll a joint. They wanted to smoke one but they didn’t want to bother making it. So what did they think of? Well, they started rolling the joints for those people.

Amsterdam is a tourist city and let’s face it, many people visit it just because it’s weed-friendly. It’s a beautiful city at the same time though and you should definitely visit it. Tourists enter the shop looking for some good weed and want to smoke it at that exact moment. That’s the joy in it. So, shop owners made pre-rolls as a way to satisfy these customers. It was an immediate hit. People loved it and from that moment, pre-rolls were a staple product in every weed shop in Amsterdam.

Convenience Conquers All

And, even though we do love rolling joints, we think that pre-rolls are amazing. A pre-roll is a joint which is pre-rolled and ready to go. It’s almost always stored in a doob toob which is meant to preserve the freshness of the joint. When you buy a pre-roll, it can remain unused for months. When you feel like using it, you just open the container and smoke it.

Moreover, at Cannalyft Online Dispensary, we offer a variety of premium strains and flavours for weed delivery in Vancouver. You know what they say – variety is the spice of life.

There isn’t just one type of pre-rolls. For every popular strain out there, there is a pre-roll. Pre-rolls are extremely good if you don’t want to bother with rolling a joint and just want to smoke as soon as possible. For creating a perfect joint, you often need proper equipment such as rolling paper and a grinder. You also need time to roll it. Many people don’t have the time for it, nor the equipment. It would also be weird to roll a joint on the street yourself. In these situations, pre-rolls are a lifesaver.

These products are also good as a standalone gift. Imagine that you have a buddy who is a hardcore cannabis lover. What would you buy for him? A Pre-roll is an amazing gift. All in all, if you want to smoke a good joint without wasting time on rolling it, pre-rolls are for you. If you wish to buy it as a present for someone, it’s also a good pick. It is also important to say that pre-rolls aren’t even that expensive. At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, you can get a variety of pre rolls at affordable prices. It has never been easier for you to buy weed online than with Vancouver’s best online dispensary and weed delivery straight to your door.

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