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Vancouver Weed Delivery

If you’re looking for weed delivery Vancouver – look no further. Cannalyft Online Dispensary has you covered. We provide a reliable and timely delivery service in the Greater Vancouver Area. Plus, we offer a huge selection of premium strains and high quality cannabis products at unbeatable prices.

Join the thousands of Canadians who choose Cannalyft as their trusted source for cannabis products. With our wide selection, competitive prices and fast Vancouver weed delivery service, it is easy to see why we are the best cannabis dispensary Canada has to offer – serving your needs from coast to coast.

Why Use a Weed Delivery Service in Vancouver?

Though delivery in Vancouver is not a new thing, it’s never been easier to order cannabis delivery in the lower mainland. You know what they say – convenience is king. Our delivery service is fast, discreet and easy to use. With the click of a button, you can have high quality marijuana products delivered straight to your door. Just browse our shop, place an order, relax and enjoy same day weed delivery. At Cannalyft, we provide you access to high quality products at low prices. We are the most reliable cannabis dispensary in British Columbia and we take pride in our products and services. With years of experience, we know what it takes to be the best.

Buy Same Day Weed Delivery Vancouver

Buying weed in Vancouver has never been easier! No matter what cannabis products you’re on the search for, we’ve got something for you! We offer fast same day weed delivery in Vancouver, unbeatable prices and quality products – it’s no wonder why we’re the best weed delivery service Vancouver has to offer. We provide a simple ordering process and promise to not only meet your needs – but exceed them! Our customers come first and our knowledgeable staff are committed to deliver you the most optimal cannabis experience possible.

Why Choose Cannalyft Online Dispensary as Your Trusted Weed Delivery in Vancouver?

If you haven’t heard of Cannalyft, then it is time that you do! Our unbeatable prices and fast same day delivery will make sure that you are enjoying your marijuana products in no time. We know that you have plenty of choices when you buy flower delivery, but we know that after you place your first time order with us – you’ll be happy that your search ended here. Let’s have a look at what makes us different from other cannabis delivery services.


Our cannabis delivery allows you to get premium cannabis products without ever having to leave your house. Get same day weed delivery straight to your door without hassle or worry!

Exceptional Customer Service

Our customer service team is committed to providing you with the most delightful experience possible when shopping online. With so many options available, you can get anxiety when you purchase cannabis online. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding our products or delivery, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@cannalyft.com

Fast and Discreet

Our cannabis delivery is fast, discreet and easy to use! All orders are processed and delivered the same day you order. Plus, all orders are packaged in discreet packaging and vacuum-sealed to ensure undetected travel. You’ll never have to worry about anyone knowing what’s inside.

Same Day Delivery

When you purchase high quality cannabis products online, you want it to be delivered in a timely manner. With our Vancouver delivery, you can have your favourite weed products delivered the same day you order. Plus, we offer free delivery on orders over $125! (Orders below $125 are subject to a $10 delivery fee) Once you have placed your order, the delivery driver will call or text you to confirm delivery.

Earn Points and Rewards

When you shop with Cannalyft, you can earn points and rewards for every dollar you spend in our shop! Our reward program offers customers a 3% cash back for all products when you checkout. Additionally, you can earn points every time you share your referral link and write reviews. Plus, we offer a free gift in orders of all sizes!

High Quality Products

If you’re looking for the most premium quality products that Canada has to offer – Cannalyft dispensary has you covered. Our deep roots in British Columbia ‘s cannabis industry allow us to sell the finest quality cannabis available. Our cannabis experts have decades of cumulative experience and are committed to deliver you the best flower strains on the market.

What Types of Products Can You Find at a Cannabis Dispensary in Vancouver?

At Cannalyft Online Dispensary, you can find all the products at a typical weed dispensary and more! We offer a wide selection of premium cannabis strains, cannabis concentrates, edibles, THC vape pens, CBD, shrooms and more. We work with only reputable, medicinally-regulated growers and processors and our products are lab-tested to ensure top-quality. Let’s take a look at all the types of products available for cannabis delivery Vancouver.

Premium Marijuana Flower Strains

If you’re on the search for premium cannabis flower, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Our huge selection of strains is carefully curated to ensure you receive the most optimal cannabis experience when smoking. Choose from Canada’s top Indica, Hybrid and Sativa weed strains and find your favourite flavour. Whether you’re looking for AAAA weed or AA budget buds – we’ve got you covered.


Have you always wanted to try smoking a cannagar but could never find where to buy cannagars online Canada? At Cannalyft, we offer niche and specialty products that you might not find everywhere else. Cannagars are a luxurious “cigar” made completely out of cannabis. A descendant of the infamous “Thai Stick” found in the 70’s, cannagars boast a heavy smoke with a burn time that can last hours.

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates allow you to experience the best parts of the cannabis plant without the plant itself. Concentrates come in a variety of forms such as shatter, live resin, budder, diamonds, hash and more. If you want something more intense with potent effects, concentrates are a great next step.

Weed Edibles

We offer the best weed edibles from the most reputable cannabis brands in Canada. From infused gummies and baked goods to beverages and tinctures – we’ve got it all. We carry a variety of THC and CBD edibles ensuring that we have something for everyone. Edibles are a great alternative to consuming cannabis without smoking. If its your first time trying edibles, we always recommend you start low and slow! Everyone absorbs THC and edibles differently and it can take some time finding the perfect dosage that works for you.

Vape Pens

Cannabis vape pens are some of the most popular products on the market and there’s no surprise! They are a convenient solution to staying medicated on the go. Our vape selection includes a variety of cartridges and disposables from the most reliable brands in Canada. Additionally, we offer both THC and CBD vape pens. No matter where you go, you can be sure you’re always getting lyfted!


For customers that want to reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis without getting high, CBD is the perfect choice. Cannabidiol is proven to provide a comprehensive set of therapeutic benefits without the euphoric effects. You can find many kinds of CBD products in our shop such as CBD oil, vapes, creams, gummies and more.

Magic Mushrooms

At Cannalyft, you can get a variety of psilocybin products straight to your door. As medical research continues, the benefits of magic mushrooms are irrefutable. Browse our online shop for some of the best mushroom chocolates, gummies, teas and more.

Why is Vancouver Cannabis so Famous?

Vancouver weed has always had a reputation as being some of the best in the world. It’s no wonder why Vancouver brings cannabis connoisseurs from all around the globe to get their hands on some infamous BC bud. Browse our weed dispensary for special offers on the best marijuana British Columbia has to offer.

Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Since October 17th, 2018, cannabis lovers rejoiced the legalization of recreational weed in Canada. Though medical marijuana has been available in Vancouver for decades, Canadians everywhere are proud to be pioneers in legalization.

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