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Humans started to gather various plants and use them to their advantage to eat, heal and get different effects from them centuries ago. Ever since then, mushrooms have played a key role. First of all, they are delicious, and you can combine them with various meals. They are also high in protein and other healthy substances which nowadays, modern people adore. But, if you would ask a human 100 years ago does he/she collect mushrooms only to spice up their food, they would probably say no. Why? Well, because mushrooms are famous hallucinogens and apart from being tasty, they can give it’s user some fantastic effects.

Nowadays, mushroom consumption has become extremely popular in the cannabis community, and there is a high demand for these products. Mushrooms are generally stronger than cannabis. We can’t compare the two because they are so different, and they both act uniquely. While cannabis is often used as a recreational drug, and in most cases, it can be used daily; mushrooms are a bit different. They aren’t “recreational”, per se. If you would ask a random bloke on the street has he ever tried mushrooms, the answer would probably be – never. And that’s because mushrooms are considered to be the heavy artillery. They aren’t suited for everyone, and to eat them; you often need proper preparation.</p

But, even though mushrooms have that “not for everyone” label, people still want them. Cannabis is becoming more and more widespread, and people are turning towards other, more potent stuff. Mushrooms are one of them. But, not all mushrooms are good, and not all of them have the same effects. Same as with cannabis strains, there are different types of mushrooms, all of which have additional strength, impact, and duration. One thing common to all kinds of mushrooms is that they are all, more or less, hallucinogens – so you should expect to see a unicorn or two after taking them.

Jokes aside, mushrooms work differently than cannabis. While cannabis just makes you feel high, mushrooms have psychotropic tryptamines called psilocybin, which makes them psychedelic. Usually, every mushroom contains anywhere from 0.1 – 1.3 % of psilocybin. The effects of mushrooms are different, and they range anywhere from heavy tripping, hallucinogens, total relaxation, euphoric feeling and so on.

Since they are so exotic and don’t fall into the usual category of “drugs”, magic mushrooms have a considerable fan base. With that being said, there are a lot of different products available. Online, in dispensaries such as Cannalyft which is one of the best dispensaries on Canadian territory, you can buy products such as :

  • Dry Mushrooms

  • Mushroom edibles

  • Mushroom concentrate

  • Mushroom oil

And so on.


This is a hard question. We can’t pinpoint which mushroom is the best since they are all good in their own way. It all comes to your personal preference and the effects you want to experience. You should talk to your mushroom provider more thoroughly about this and let them know what you are looking for. On Cannalyft, we have customer service available 24/7 at your disposal. If you have any questions about some of the products or want some consultation, you are free to send us a mail.


Humans haven’t used mushrooms for several centuries now without reason. Mushrooms can undoubtedly help you out with many issues and pain that you are experiencing. Another reason why mushrooms are used is in order “connect” with your surroundings and yourself. As we said, mushrooms work differently than cannabis. With the help of them, you will learn more about your inner self and probably see the world from another perspective.


As with any edible, mushroom usage is pretty straightforward. Suppose you’re buying your products from a reputable seller, such as Cannalyft. In that case, mushrooms will probably arrive in a package and indicate how much you should take in one usage. The last thing you would want to do is to overdose on mushrooms as the trip can then be too rough. So, be careful and just follow the guidelines written on the product package – that way, you won’t have any issues.

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