Trimming Buds: Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

There is a long and drawn-out process before you will be able to smoke your weed. Trimming is just a single part of it and also one of the most boring things to do with marijuana. 

You will be stuck for hours staring at wee, but the trimming is rather important as leaving some of the unwanted leaves and buds on the plant can and will hinder the quality of THC. 

Trimming also affects the look, reduces mold formation, and grants smoother smoking. 

Trimming is the action you do next after growing the plant. Although it might appear boring, it is rather important and worth your time and effort, due to the ultimate result.

Wet Trimming

Wet trimming is the faster one as it is all done in just one sitting. It can be done as soon as you harvest your flowers. Ultra sticky because of the water that is still in the flower, cut the branch near the node with a pair of curved trimming scissors. Each branch has several buds so try not to detach them until the trimming is near the end. Prepare scissors and a tray and put the gloves on your hands so you will prevent getting resin on your hands.

Now it is the trimming time. Cut away all the sugar leaves on each bud of each branch. Carefully use your curved scissor so you don’t damage the flower. Some sugar leaves will prevail but that is normal, as some can be concealed by the body of the bud.

Pros and Cons of Wet Trimming

Wet trimming has several ups and downs.


By doing the wet trim it is much easier to remove sugar and fan leaves since during dry trim they get shriveled and dried up.

Drying is also a lot quicker as less moisture-filled foliage is attached to the flowers.

Wet trimming gives you a more pleasing final look at the plant and buds.

According to sources, wet trim also affects less the quality of the buds as trichomes remain intact, preserving terpenes and flavors of the final product.


Wet trimming is a rather sticky method and you can get trichomes all over your body, fingers, scissors, and everything else.

When starting wet trimming, there is no pause and you will need to cut all your plants down and separate branches and trim them right away.

Drying and Curing

Once you have completed trimming, before smoking it you need to dry and cure your beautiful buds. Put them on a drying rack in a room with ventilation and lightly heated. When they are dry, remove the buds from the individual buds from the branches and leave them in jars for curing.

Dry Trimming

Dry trimming is performed between drying and curing. Harvest your plants and cut them at the base. After this hang them upside down and leave them in a warm room with ventilation. After the drying period, cut off an individual branch and prepare them for trimming. Before trimming, wash your hands and put on a pair of gloves. Take the scissors in your hands and start cutting away all the sugar leaves from each bud. Cut the buds one at a time as this will make it easier for you to cure and store them. Once the trimming is completed load the buds into the curing jars.

Pros and Cons of Dry Trimming

Just like wet trimming, dry trim also has its benefits and drawbacks.


A lot less messy than the wet trimmings since the trichomes are hardened.

As you keep plants hung to dry it slows the express loss of terpenes.


Unfortunately, the less messy trichomes become rather brittle as they dry out and are very prone to breakage. Handle them with care as you don’t want the loss of trichomes and THC levels.

Space might be the problem since the entirely hanged plants take much more space than the chopped plants. You should make sure that you have an adequate drying space before you start the dry trimming.

Which is Better: Wet or Dry Trimming? 

The most important question is of course whether you should trim the plant wet after it was freshly harvested or after leaving it for a few days to dry. 

Several pros and cons are there to weigh on the right choice, and the quality of the weed depends on many factors. 

Harvesters have argued on both methods with pros and cons for each one, but have agreed that trimming is one of the most important processes in weed growing. It takes a lot of time, but at the final stage, you are awarded a delicate smell, taste, and feel. 

Dry trimming gives you a better aroma but also it takes longer than wet trimming, while the wet trimming is faster, mold formation is dramatically lower in percentage, but the flowers and their extracts are of lower quality, and loss of resin and terpenes is unavoidable. 


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