What are Cannabis Cigars (Blunts)?

With the uptake of marijuana increasing, it is important to know the facts. Throughout this article, we will explore what blunts are, what they contain and how to make one. Additionally, we will review the differences between blunts, joints and spliffs – these are often confused yet have key differences.

Brief Summary of The Article

  •         Blunts are cigars with marijuana instead of tobacco
  •         Joints are wrapped using rolling papers and contain only marijuana
  •         Spliffs are similar to joints but with the inclusion of tobacco inside
  •         Joints burn fastest and cigars burn slowest
  •         Blunts DO contain nicotine – a highly addictive chemical
  •         Blunts can be bought in cannabis dispensaries or online depending on the law

What is a Blunt?

Imagine a cigar that’s been emptied and stuffed top-to-toe with marijuana. That’s a blunt. They are rolled in tobacco wraps, giving a blunt its distinct brown colour. Due to the considerable size of cigars, they contain lots of marijuana, making it longer lasting than other smaller alternatives; this makes them great for sharing in a group. Furthermore, blunts burn slower and have nicer draws. The inclusion of tobacco also allows the user to experience the ‘buzz’ that it provides. On the other hand, tobacco smoke is a toxic carcinogen and many try to avoid it. Other names for blunts include “L’s” or “blizzy’s”.

Do Blunts Have Nicotine?

Yes. Although the loose tobacco has been removed, the tobacco paper still includes nicotine. Therefore, users that smoke blunts run the risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. This could potentially lead to serious drug abuse. When the body inhales nicotine, it gives the user a surge of adrenaline caused by nicotine stimulating the adrenal glands. In addition, users experience a ‘head rush’ due to the release of dopamine affecting the brain. Unfortunately, this is not without consequence, side effects include higher risk of blood clots and diabetes. Moreover, individuals experience withdrawal symptoms including anxiety and depression.


How to Make a Cannabis Cigar (Blunt)?

  1. Firstly, break down the marijuana using a grinder – it is key to maintaining an even burn
  2. Use a blade to slice the cigar lengthwise – the idea is to open the cigar to empty it
  3. Dump the loose tobacco from the inside – this can be saved for later if making a spliff
  4. Use small amounts of saliva or water to seal small tears after emptying
  5. Fill the insides with your marijuana – as much or as little as you prefer
  6. Moisten the paper again to avoid cracking when you begin rolling
  7. Pack the marijuana, making sure to avoid applying too much pressure
  8. Place one part of the wrap under the other and wet the inside to hold it together
  9. Run the flame of a lighter at distance down the seam to ‘bake’ and permanently seal it

What is a cigar?

We know that blunts are made using cigars, but what is a cigar? Well, a cigar is a tight roll of dried tobacco leaves and nothing else. As a result, cigars contain the toxic and addictive chemical compound – nicotine. Notably, a cigar does not contain any weed and therefore can be purchased widely. However, in places such as America, Cuban cigars are illegal due to strict trade laws that ban all sales of products containing Cuban goods. Although this seems strict, citizens can still consume them so long as they bought it in Cuba and brought it back with them.

Blunt vs Joint

Similar to a blunt, a joint contains exclusively marijuana, the difference is in the paper that wraps around the marijuana. Joints do not contain tobacco in the paper at all. Joints are made using rolling paper (usually hemp). Consequently, the joint is white and its size is usually smaller. Positives of using joints over blunts include the ease of transport that joints offer, due to their smaller size. Moreover, unlike blunts that require excessive time and some skill, joints can be rolled and ready to smoke in just a few minutes.

Blunt vs Spliff

Spliffs are exactly like joints with one minor difference: the contents of a spliff contains both marijuana and tobacco. The addition of tobacco is the only difference; however, this also means that there is less marijuana in a typical spliff, as tobacco can take up 50%. This can make a little marijuana go further. But with the risks of tobacco smoke being a known carcinogen, it may not be worth it.

Where to Buy Cannabis Cigars?

Depending on where you live, it may not be legal to purchase blunts. The purchase of such items is heavily regulated around the world. For example, the UK and some states in America prohibit the purchase of blunts. However, some select states such as California, Massachusetts and Nevada have legalised marijuana for recreational use. To buy blunts you must first check whether it’s legal in your area. If you’re lucky, you can purchase blunts online or in store from cannabis dispensaries.


To conclude, the differences between blunts, spliffs and joints are fairly small, yet the experiences differ greatly. Some products like spliffs and blunts use tobacco, whereas others, like joints, do not. The legality of such products also vary, depending on location; Some countries allow it, others enforce strict regulations. It is also essential that users understand the medical risks associated with these products, including the effects of nicotine and tobacco smoke on the human body.

Common questions

Is smoking safe?

No. No matter what you smoke, be it a blunt, a spliff, a joint or even a vape, there are always negatives. Whilst some options are safer than others, you still risk serious consequences. Not only that, but once an individual has become addicted, the withdrawal symptoms can be extreme.

What are withdrawal symptoms?

If users become addicted to a drug, they can become dependent on it. Once the user tries to quit, the abrupt changes shock the body, causing dangerous side effects. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drug and the frequency of consumption. Effects include depression, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. In extreme circumstances, some people may experience hallucinations and seizures.

Can you drive after smoking marijuana?

Whilst we have already discussed whether consumption is legal or not, it is essential that anyone using the drug does not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours. This is because consumption can impair cognitive ability and hinder hand-eye coordination. It is likely that after 24 hours, the effects will have reduced significantly, almost to normal levels.



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