Roach Clips for Weed: What They Are and How to Use Them?

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Are you tired of wasting the last bit of your joint, spliff, or blunt because it’s too small to smoke without burning your fingers or mouth?

Here comes the Roach Clip, a simple tool that can save the day.

It makes the most out of your smoking experience and avoids wasting any precious herbs. Don’t let those small leftover bits go to waste. With a roach clip, you can fully enjoy your smoking experience without worrying about burns or waste. 

Get yourself a roach clip, and never waste a roach again!

What is A Roach Clip?

If you haven’t heard of the term roach clip, stay tuned. A roach clip is a small tool designed to hold the end of a rolling joint, spliff, or blunt that has become too small to smoke safely without burning your fingers or mouth. It allows smokers to finish the remaining bits of their smoke without wasting any precious herbs. Roach clips for weed can be made from household items like bobby pins or purchased as specialized tools from sellers. 

Some users state that a roach clip resembles tweezers because it presents a thin metal tool. The best part of using a roach clip is that you can easily handle it to smoke the whole joint. Besides the name roach clip, stoners often call it roach or joint holder.

The Origin Of Roach Clip

Individual scientists and historians state the Roach Clips originated in 19th-century Mexico. For example, in the book Cannabis: A History, the author (Martin Booth) says that the term mentioned above, roaches comes from the popular Mexican song La Cucaracha, aka The Cockroach. 

The name cockroach refers to one of Villa s foot soldiers who smoked marijuana to relax and prepare for the upcoming battle.

In 1938,  New Yorker Magazine wrote about the use of marijuana in Jazz clubs (In Harlem) and mentioned the term roach as a somewhat smoked joint.

Later on, in 1973, Charles Willeford spoke about roach clips as the next big thing and described these devices as an evolutionary thing in weed culture.

With the hippie movement, roach clips made a boom on the cannabis scene as an innovative and helpful tool to ease the whole process.

And today, in the modern era, owning a roach clip isn’t hard as they are very accessible and affordable.

Why Should You Use Roach Clips For Weed?

Using a roach clip is not often practiced among daily smokers because this practice doesn’t seem beneficial. So, if you burn out a large amount of weed and don’t care to smoke the whole joint, purchasing a roach clip will not be on your priority list.

Using a roach clip can provide several benefits, including:

  • The roach clip can prevent burns to your fingers or mouth while smoking the last bit of a joint, spliff, or blunt.
  • It can be difficult to hold onto a roach as it becomes smaller, making it hard to finish smoking. A roach clip can help keep the roach steady and allow you to smoke it to completion.
  • By using a roach clip, you can fully utilize all of your smoking materials, avoiding waste and saving money in the long run.
  • A roach clip can provide a more comfortable smoking experience, especially for those who don’t want to hold onto the end of a roach with their fingers.

Overall, using a roach clip can enhance your smoking experience by allowing you to smoke safely, comfortably, and without wasting any of your precious herbs.

How To Use A Roach Clip for Weed?

Using a roach clip is a simple process that can help you smoke the last bit of your joint, spliff, or blunt safely and comfortably. 

Here are the steps to using a roach clip:

1. Get Your Roach Clip

When using a roach clip, choosing the right tool for the job is important. While you can use household items like bobby pins or tweezers, it’s best to use a specially designed roach clip. Make sure that the clip is clean and free of any debris that could affect the taste of your smoke.

2. Pinch The Toach

Using your roach clip, gently pinch the end of your joint, spliff, or blunt. Make sure that it’s secure and won’t slip out of the clip as you smoke. It’s important not to pinch too tightly, as this can cause the paper to tear and make it difficult to smoke.

3. Light it Up

Once your roach is secured in the clip, light it up and take a puff. You may need to adjust the clip slightly to ensure an even burn. Be sure not to hold the clip too close to the flame, as this can cause the metal to heat up and burn your fingers.

4. Continue Smoking

As you smoke, you’ll need to adjust the clip periodically as the roach becomes smaller. This will ensure that you can smoke the roach safely and comfortably until it’s completely gone. If you’re having trouble holding onto the roach with the clip, you can use a toothpick or small stick to hold it in place.

5. Dispose of the Roach

Once the roach is too small to hold onto with the clip, dispose of it safely. Make sure to put it out completely and dispose of it in an appropriate container, like an ashtray or trash can. Avoid littering or leaving the roach in a place where it could be a fire hazard.

What Kinds of Roach Clips Are There?

There are various types of roach clips available on the market today. Some are designed specifically for smoking cannabis, while others may be repurposed household items. Here are some of the most common types of roach clips for weed:

  1. Tweezer-Style Clips: These are the most common type of roach clip and are often made of metal or plastic. They resemble small tongs and are used to securely hold the roach without burning your fingers.
  2. Alligator-Style Clips: These clips are similar to tweezer-style clips but have different shapes. They are designed to resemble an alligator’s mouth, with teeth that grip the roach and prevent it from slipping out.
  3. Bullet Roach Clips: These clips are shaped like small bullets and can be used to hold the end of a joint or blunt. They are often made of metal and can be attached to a keychain or lanyard for easy transport.
  4. Hemostats: These are medical tools that can be repurposed as roach clips. They have a locking mechanism that can be used to securely hold the roach while you smoke.
  5. DIY Roach Clips: You can make your roach clip using items like bobby pins, paper clips, or a clothespin. While these may not be as secure or comfortable as specially designed roach clips, they can still be effective in a pinch.

Pricing and Accessibility of Roach Clip

Fortunately, Roach Clips are very cheap and come in many colors and forms, so purchasing one shouldn’t present a strike on your budget.

When it comes to accessibility, there is an infinite number of models available online. Look out for the quality, as you d want a metal roach clip instead of plastic keychains. Also, pick out the correct size according to your smoking habits (bigger joints will require a giant roach clip)

The Bottom Line

A roach clip may not seem like an essential tool you need to have in your household. However, these small devices can ease smoking while boosting effectiveness, and safety, preventing foul-smelling hands, and making the most out of every joint.

They come in various forms and sizes and are usually made out of metal. Roach Clips resemble tweezers for looks and are pretty easy to use, as all you need to do is press and hold the joint (blunt or cigarette). 

When it comes to accessibility and pricing, they are pretty cheap and readily available online, so get yourself one to make the Blunt Experience ultimate.


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