Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

why does weed make you cough

Last Updated on January 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered why smoking weed often results in a coughing fit? It turns out that there are several reasons for this phenomenon, ranging from the physical effects of the smoke on your lungs to more complex psychological reactions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why cannabis makes people cough and how to reduce the discomfort associated with it. We’ll also discuss some potential health risks associated with inhaling marijuana smoke, as well as strategies for avoiding them. So read on to learn more about why weed makes you cough – and what you can do about it!

Can You Smoke Weed Without Coughing?

smoking weed without coughing

It is a common misconception that smoking weed will always result in coughing. While it is true that the majority of people who smoke cannabis may experience coughing fits, it is possible to smoke cannabis without experiencing this unpleasant side effect.

There are several strategies one can employ to reduce or even avoid coughing while inhaling pot smoke. With proper preparation and technique, you may be able to enjoy your weed without having to worry about an uncomfortable bout of hacking coughs.

Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

Coughing is a common side effect of smoking marijuana, and there are several reasons why this occurs. For starters, the cannabis smoke contains irritants that can cause your throat to become irritated and inflamed, leading to coughing fits. According to cannabis specialist Dr. Melanie Bone – coughing is a protective mechanism that we shouldn’t try to stop.

Additionally, some people may have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to specific compounds and cannabinoids found in weed smoke which can also trigger coughing as a symptom. In fact, experts suggest that the cannabis strain you are smoking is directly proportional to the intensity of coughing you experience.

Finally, taking large hits of cannabis quickly can overwhelm the lungs and make you cough reflexively as your body tries to expel all the smoke. The more smoke that you inhale into your lungs, the more resin content you will be exposed to, and the more coughing will occur.

Is It Bad to Cough When Smoking Weed?

smoking weed

Coughing is a common side effect of smoking marijuana, and many people have experienced it at one time or another. But is it bad to cough when smoking weed?

The answer to this question depends on the individual and their current health status. While coughing may be uncomfortable in the moment, it can actually serve as an important warning sign that your body needs a break from inhaling smoke.

For those with underlying respiratory issues, however, coughing while smoking cannabis could cause further irritation or even worsen existing conditions.

That being said, research suggests that coughing fits are a short-term issue that does not appear to have a long lasting health impact. The “Chronic Cough” is often accompanied by an increased production of phlegm and wheezing and occurs in over 25% of habitual cannabis users.

This is due to the fact that habitual cannabis smoking causes tiny injuries to the bronchial tubes, with an increased likelihood of symptoms of chronic bronchitis. However once the smoking has stopped, the symptoms resolve and your long-term lung function remains unaffected.

Therefore, it’s important to understand why you are coughing while using cannabis so you can make informed decisions about how to proceed safely. Many patients prefer to use vaporizers instead of smoking thanks to their health benefits.

Tips to Cough Less When Smoking Cannabis

girl smoking a joint

Coughing is a common side effect of smoking marijuana, but there are ways to reduce or even prevent this uncomfortable experience. Here are five tips that can help you stop coughing or cough less when smoking cannabis:

Start with smaller hits

Taking large hits of marijuana quickly can overwhelm the lungs and make you cough reflexively as your body attempts to expel the smoke.

Beginners should start with a small hit and gradually work their way up to larger hits. This will give your lungs time to adjust and help reduce coughing fits.

Use proper filtration

One tip to cough less when smoking cannabis is to properly prepare and filter the smoke. Before smoking, try using a bong or water pipe, which can act as a filtration system that helps cool down and filter the harshness of the smoke.

Additionally, you can use an additional filter like a joint filter or rolling paper to further reduce irritants.

Inhale slowly

When smoking cannabis, take your time and inhale slowly. This will allow the smoke to enter your lungs without overwhelming them. Additionally, it can help reduce coughing fits as the smoke is more evenly distributed throughout the lungs instead of entering in one big hit.

Weed smokers often think that the longer they hold in the smoke, the more high they will get. However, THC is absorbed very quickly by the lungs, in as little as a few seconds after inhalation.

Smoke in an open environment

smoking cannabis outside

Try to avoid smoking cannabis in enclosed or tightly-sealed spaces. The smoke from marijuana can become trapped and concentrate in the air, leading to an increase in coughing fits. Instead, try smoking outdoors or in a well-ventilated room with enough fresh air.

Choose high-quality cannabis

Finally, choosing high-quality marijuana can help reduce coughing fits. High-grade cannabis is usually less harsh and contains fewer irritants and contaminants than lower quality strains. Additionally, try to purchase organic and pesticide-free varieties whenever possible.

Drink lots of fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids is an important part of maintaining your health, especially if you smoke cannabis. Not only does staying hydrated help keep your lungs and throat moist, which can reduce coughing fits when smoking weed, but it also helps flush out toxins from the body that could be present in the smoke.

Additionally, drinking lots of water can reduce headaches and other symptoms associated with dehydration. Furthermore, being properly hydrated may help improve overall cognitive function and increase energy levels. For these reasons, it’s important to stay well hydrated before, during and after using cannabis.


cannabis buds

Coughing is a common side effect of cannabis use, but there are effective ways to reduce or even prevent it. By following the tips we’ve outlined in this article, you can take smaller hits and use proper filtration systems while inhaling slowly.

Additionally, make sure to smoke cannabis in an open environment with high-quality strains and plenty of hydrated fluids such as warm water or herbal tea. With these strategies in mind, you should be able to cough less when using cannabis without sacrificing your overall health.

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