Here’s Why Your Joint Won’t Stay Lit

Extinguished Joint

Last Updated on June 25, 2022

Every habit takes practice. Being a weed smoker, you must take up new skills when it comes to rolling, lighting and smoking your joint. Nothing comes at once so you’ll most probably make mistakes along your weed-smoking journey. 

One of the common troubles cannabis consumers encounter is that their joints won’t stay lit. Many factors are to be considered for your joint burning properly, but before we get into it, make sure to light your joint the right way. With that out of the way, let’s see why your joint keeps going out.

So, Why Won’t My Joint Stay Lit?

Most common reasons for your joint to keep going out are related to how you roll your joint or how you grind your weed. To prevent this, make sure you grind your weed as fine as you can. After that, when rolling, make sure your filter and joint aren’t too tight as this stops the airflow.

Grind Isn’t Fine

Bigger buds burn slowly. For your joint to burn smoothly it is necessary to remove the twigs from the buds and grind the weed finely. You can achieve finely ground weed using weed grinders or scissors.

Finely Ground Weed
Finely ground weed should resemble the weed seen in this grinder.

Whichever grinding technique you choose to use, it is important to remove the twigs and the seeds from the buds beforehand. The twigs will slow down the burning process and may disrupt the burning cherry at the top. The seeds don’t necessarily slow down the burning but they don’t act well when burning. They can pop and make the joint burn unevenly. Plus, cannabis seeds tend to smell when burnt.

Therefore, it’s best if you clean up the buds and grind them super fine to have the best smoking experience without it going out every so often.

The Wrap is Too Tight

This is simple physics. Namely, if you roll the joint too tight there won’t be enough airflow to keep the joint lit. When it’s too packed and doesn’t have enough oxygen it can’t “breathe”. 

However, if the joint isn’t tight enough and there is too much airflow, there will be the issue of canoeing and it will disrupt the joint burning evenly. Therefore, the key is to find the balance.

This skill will take up quite some time to perfect, but trust me it will be a useful one. Each time you roll, you’ll learn what is the perfect amount of weed you need and how much pressure is to be applied to “pack” the weed in the joint. In a few weeks, days or even hours – If you’re a genius – you can be a pro. 

In case you don’t want to bother with rolling, you can always opt for a pre-roll.

Bud is Too Fresh (Wet Weed)

One of the most common reasons your joint won’t stay lit is If the cannabis is too fresh. Although fresh weed is a good sign, it is moist and will slow down the burning process. Moisture prevents the weed from burning and you will have to relight it every now and then.

Fresh cannabis buds, ready to be harvested.
Fresh cannabis buds, ready to be harvested. Buds this fresh won’t burn properly.

It is best if you wait until it is cured properly. You can leave it for a couple of days to cure in a jar or some kind of a container. Leaving it out on the table will dry it too much, causing your joint to burn too fast so it is important to store it properly. When it is puffy but not sticky, it is perfect for rolling. This is a real test of endurance. But remember that patience brings good things.

In case you’re not eager to wait you can try adding tobacco at the tip of your joint. Tobacco ignites instantly, creating a burning cherry on top which is going to burn the weed afterwards.

Issue With Rolling Papers

Your joint might be going out due to issues related to rolling papers. Due to the increased number of cannabis smokers, there are now multiple rolling paper varieties on the market. From hemp papers, scented papers, slow-burning to fast-burning rolling papers. They differ in thickness and materials.

 We highly recommend you go with all natural RAW rolling papers. They are the slow-burning type of rolling papers as they are thinner and assist the air to flow through undisturbed. They help the joint last longer and burn evenly. 

RAW papers have become prevalent among cannabis users as they give you more control when rolling the joint and act very well when burning.

The Filter is Too Tight

Just like with tightly packed joints, tight filters will also cause your joints to keep going out. When the filter is made too tight, there won’t be enough space for the air to pass through the joint and will cause the joint to go out frequently making you have to relight it. 

Pile of Joint Filters
Properly made joint filters which allow enough airflow for your joint to burn.

Even if your filter is made well, it can get clogged with cannabis oil when the weed is too moist. Along with that, debris from your joint can enter the filter and clog it.

Thankfully resolving this issue isn’t difficult. Just press the filter using your thumb and index finger and roll it slowly. This will help unclog the filter and thus provide a better airflow for your joint to burn properly.

Let There Be Light!

Make sure you go through the list carefully and solve any issue you recognize on your joint. Getting rid of these issues is pretty much a guarantee to make your joint burn well. Solving them shouldn’t take more than a few minutes so you’ll be back to your smoking session in no time!

In case you’re a newbie smoker we strongly recommend you join the Cannalyft community and let us guide you through your journey!

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