Your Guide to AVB (“Already Vaped Bud”)

Suppose you already used a vaporizer to smoke marijuana. In that case, chances are you surely noticed those brownish bud leftovers sadly looking at you after you inhaled almost(yes, you read it right) all the goodness from it. The name AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud, or as some like to call it, ABV-already been vaped. If you are wondering what to do with this type of buds, consider reading the following text.

Small Talk About AVB

While trying to smoke this Already Vaped Bud, you’ll notice that it tastes bitter and not even close to that fresh-smelling bud it was in the first place.

With that taste in mind, you would think there are no cannabinoids left in it, but that is not entirely true.

How much THC is left in your already vaped bud depends upon three things, with the first being the temperature you set for your device to vaporize the weed. The second is how potent your bud was in the first place before you vaped it. And the last variable is how much time did you spend vaping the bud. 

Suppose you were lucky to grab some excellent and potent marijuana strain that is jinxed up with high THC levels at around 25% and that you did not vape it to ashes. Then, if your AVB satisfies all the mentioned terms, there is quite a possibility that your already smoked bud could be helpful in the following number of ways.

Comparing The Effects of Regular Weed to The Already Vaped Bud

ABV tends to comfort you with that comfortable body high (it’s nap time) instead of that usual head buzz you get from regular weed. Therefore, Already Vaped Bud is useful for people winding down from a hard day’s work.

Productive Activities 

THC relaxes muscle tissue and tendons, making it easier for you to focus. So we need to see how to make the most out of it. First, stretching is highly advised, as it goes very well with muscles relaxing caused by AVB. It will make your overall mood stable and maybe even fix some painful spots. The next one is Meditation. Just wind down, and try some techniques. You can find them online!

Prepping the AVB for Future Use

There are two mainstream ways people get high, with the first one being by burning it and the second, you probably guessed it, by merely digesting it. It doesn’t matter which way you opt for because it is almost obligatory to dip that AVB in water, so it takes out all its bitterness from it.

So how does one do it? Quite simple. You go to the local store supply and buy some cheesecloth. Then, you grind your weed. After grinding:

  1. Wrap your already vaped bud that you ground in the cheesecloth and dip it in the warm water for around 5 minutes.
  2. Take it out and squeeze as much as you can.
  3. Stick up with this process until you are satisfied with the results.


And yeah, your THC will stay where it was cause it is not soluble in water.

Will Exercising Improve the High of AVB?

Yes, it surely will. By exercising, you make your metabolism faster. Therefore your digestion will improve, and you will be more effective at absorbing THC in your system. In addition, regular exercise will improve your mood, making it easier for you to enjoy your high more than usual.

We encourage you to do stretching in the morning and 10 minutes of cardio before your ABV session. Then, you will indeed feel great.

How to Store ABV

Fortunately, storing abv is quite simple. First, grind it to make the budding compact. After grinding, go to your local supply store and buy jars(be sure to purchase ones made from glass cause glass is one of the best materials that will keep your already vaped buds fresh). Then fill your jars with ABV and put them in a dark place because sun rays (light) can badly affect the buds.

Making the AVB Butter

AVB butter is one of the most valuable ways you can use your AVB. Just follow the exact instructions we’ll explain in the following text when making regular weed butter, so keep scrolling! First, there is no need for one to decarboxylate the AVB because you already took care of that by vaping it in the first place. So, all you can do now is transfer those cannabinoids from the AVB to the butter using the traditional method. Just pour AVB into the pan containing boiling water and butter. And after 2-4 hours of boiling and mixing(be aware of it not boiling dry), the cannabinoids will be transported to the butter, making that cannabutter we all love.AVB cannabutter’s potency will be reasonably lower than regular weed cannabutter(approximately 4-7 times less). Now that you made AVB butter from the weed you smoked, it’s time to get involved in some baking.

Usually, it is hard to obtain vaped weed in larger quantities because you need to smoke it first. AVB weed is much less potent than the regular fresh one, so be prepared to use a lot of it. All you need is one cup of tap water and a cup of butter. Add a cup of ABV weed. Mix it up. The THC from vaped weed is already decarboxylated and undoubtedly has its famous psychoactive properties we all like. Keep the mixture below the boiling point with bubbles slowly tingling on the surface because it allows the THC to mix up with fats. Wait for some time(usually 2-4 hours), and afterward, just put it in some cold place to cool off. After about 24 hours, your cannabutter will harden, making it ready to get mashed into any food you feel like preparing. You can find various recipes online.

Making ABV Oil

Besides making abv cannabutter, this method is amongst the most popular ways of using your already vaped bud! Just grind your already vaped bud fine, and be sure to do your research and use one of the many food-safe alcohols you can find.

Can Eating ABV Upset Your Stomach?

Well, it depends on your digestive system cause we all have different gut bacteria. Some people will get through digesting ABV with no issues, while others may get cramps and even a fired-up throw-up reflex. But don’t worry, as you can manage your gut bacteria by eating a well-balanced diet.

Eat It!

While most people like to make oil or butter from their vaped weed, a part of the weed-loving community prefers to take a more straightforward approach. Remember, the vaporizer decarboxylated your AVB weed. So you can add the vaped weed to your recipe and enjoy. Another option is to use a water curing process we addressed earlier to remove any bitter after-taste present with already vaped weed/bud. But be careful since you will need to eat a lot, mainly because the vaped weed is likely to be 5-7 times less potent than the regular fresh weed. Be aware that consuming Already Vaped Bud raw can make you sick, so be sure to have a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Roll An ABV Joint

Rolling a joint is the most commonly used way to get high, even when ABV. Just roll it up like a regular one. Again, remember to use water to clean your vaped buds, get rid of that bitter taste, and then let it dry. When the buds dry up, grind it and roll the joint in any way you prefer.

ABV capsules

There are many ways to consume your already vaped weed, and one of them is to put them into capsules and eat them. It’s easy, comfortable, and relatively compact as you can take them anywhere(be sure it is legal). They are relatively easy to get. You can buy them online or grab them at your local store. One can purchase cheap gelatine capsules or even the pricier vegan alternatives. Consider ABV pot was previously decarboxylated, meaning you only need to swallow.

ABV Tea or Coffee

Several people opt for this simple approach, as making tea or coffee. It is a relatively simple yet efficient way to consume your Already Vaped Buds. To make it, you only need to add your vaped weed to the boiling water. Just be sure to filtrate your water from ABV leftovers.

Smoking the Already Vaped Bud

By smoking AVB pot, one may realize that vaping weed is not even close to the rich and tasty flavour of fresh, good-smelling weed. As mentioned earlier, this is the prime reason it is necessary to wash it up with water, and we can’t say this enough. Avoiding this method can make your day bitter.


All in all, smoking a bud does not necessarily need to be the ultimate thing you can do with it as long as you’re dealing with a potent strain. Do a little research and inform yourself how you can put the Already Vaped Bud to fair use, including making AVB butter, tea and oil or putting it in capsules and even smoking it again.

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