Cleaning a Quartz Nail – A Detailed Guide on How to Do It Right

how to clean a quartz banger nail

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Luckily, cannabis is finally getting the attention and credit it deserves since numerous countries started legalization. Those who can freely enjoy this controversial herb can pick between more methods regarding consuming marijuana.

The majority of weed lovers know rolling and smoking a joint isn’t the only method for consuming marijuana. Besides the well-known cannabis-infused edibles, vaporizers and pipes are suitable for those who enjoy dabbing.

Dabbing refers to the vaporization of some form of concentrated marijuana (most likely hash, wax, or oil) by putting it on an extremely hot object termed a nail and inhaling those produced vapors.

Now, we are sure some of you already know about dabbing and have even tried it. However, it’s crucial to regularly clean the quartz nail (also known as a banger, one of the defining dab rig components) since it’s a vital tool mostly made to help you heat buds more efficiently than any other smoking method.

One of the main reasons that make nails (bangers) essential for the dabbing process is that your dab rig would be a water pipe without them.

Bangers are usually made out of several materials, including titanium, quartz, ceramic, and glass. Users assert that they prefer nails made out of quartz because of its durability, good high and low-temperature handling, and easier cleaning.

Why is it important to Clean your Quartz Nail Regularly?

quartz nail cleaner

Cleaning a quartz nail regularly is important because it helps to remove any buildup of residue, such as oil or concentrate, that can accumulate over time. This buildup can negatively impact the taste of the vapor produced, as well as make it harder to heat the nail evenly.

Additionally, a dirty nail can be harder to clean and may require more intense cleaning methods. By regularly cleaning the nail, you can maintain the quality of the vapor and prolong the life of the nail.

How to Clean Your Quartz Nail?

how to clean a quartz nail

First of all, we must state that the appropriate cleaning technique solely depends on how regular your sessions are, meaning that the level of gunk formed from burning it up will define the right method. There are several methods for cleaning a quartz nail:

Soaking: Soak the nail in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes, then use a brush or cotton swab to scrub away any residue. Rinse the nail with water and dry it off with a paper towel or cloth.

Q-tip & Alcohol: Dip a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and use it to scrub the surface of the nail. Repeat this process until the nail is clean.

Salt and Alcohol: Mix salt and isopropyl alcohol together and use this mixture to scrub the nail.

Torch & Dab Tool: Heat the nail with a torch and use a dab tool to scrape off any residue. Be careful not to overheat the nail as it can damage it.

Ultrasonic Cleaner: Place the nail in an ultrasonic cleaner and let it run for a few minutes. This method is great for removing tough buildup.

After cleaning, it is important to dry off the nail completely before using it again. And always make sure to use 99% Isopropyl alcohol as it is the best for cleaning.

What to Avoid?

Before explaining the process of cleaning your banger in the right way, we must mention what’s off-limits regarding the subject.

First and foremost, don’t even consider using bleach or any other acid-based sanitation products. Try using distilled water or isopropyl alcohol.

Second, don’t use any hard, rough, or abrasive materials since they can permanently corrupt your banger. On the contrary, use stuff like Q-Tips and cotton swabs.

Next, try to use low-temperature dabs and avoid overheating since high temperatures cause that black tarnish residue.

What to Do if the Quartz Nail is Turning Black?

If you forgot about regular cleaning, the chances are your banger is turning blackish. As mentioned before, this colour is terrible, but all is not lost as long as you follow the following steps.

  1. Put and soak your banger in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and salt. It would be best to mix it up in a ziplock bag to get rid of that hard tar residue. Leave it overnight.
  2. Next, rinse it up with warm water.
  3. Use a dab tool to scrape off any leftovers.
  4. Since the toughest gunk has been removed, heat your banger, which will remove any tar left.
  5. Soak a Q-tip in alcohol and wipe the bowl.
  6. Use a dry Q-tip to wipe out the remaining alcohol.
  7. Repeat until your quartz nail is squeaky clean

How to Clean The Yellow/Brown Quartz Nail?

Yellow/Brown Quartz Nail

If your banger is turning yellowish, things are not that bad, and you must follow a couple of the steps above (4-7).

Quartz gets dirty quickly, so try and clean your banger as often as possible.

Tips to Keep Your Quart Nail Clean

  • Purchase a quality quartz nail since cheap ones tend to discolor fast and have a lower burning limit. Try to invest if you want a lasting banger.
  • Regular cleaning sessions go a long way.
  • Use only isopropyl alcohol and salt when cleaning-no acid or hard chemicals.
  • As long as you follow this simple guide cleaning your quartz nail should be a breeze.

Let us know what you think, leave a review, and state your opinion in the comment section.


Do quartz nails turn red?

Quartz nails can turn red when they are heated to high temperatures. This is due to the process of thermochromism, in which certain materials change color when exposed to heat.

How long should you heat a quartz nail?

The time it takes to heat a quartz nail will depend on the size and thickness of the nail, as well as the heat source you are using. As a general rule, it is recommended to heat the nail for around 45 seconds to a minute using a torch lighter or e-nail.

Hence, cleaning your quartz nail with the right method will save your nails from damage. There are many ways to clean your nails, but the wrong technique can hurt your nails instead of helping them. So, Be Careful!

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