What is Hot Knifing and How Can You Do it With Ease?

how to make a hot knife

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Hot knifing, also known as knife hits or hot knives, is a method of consuming marijuana by heating two metal knives over a stove or flame and pressing a small piece of cannabis resin or oil between them, then inhaling the resulting smoke. This method is considered a form of “dabbing,” a popular technique used to vaporize and inhale concentrated cannabis products.

Hot knifing is also known by other names, such as blades, bladers, dots, knifers, spotting or spots etc.

Knifers are considered a low-cost method because it does not require many materials other than knives and a stove.

How To Use a Hot Knife?

Using a hot knife, you can smoke kief and CBD too. Consumers usually use one knife on which cannabis is placed and another that compresses cannabis, making a sort of “sandwich”. After that, a soda bottle that is previously cut off at the bottom is placed over the top of the burning cannabis catching the smoke, and then inhaled.

Hot knifing is not the most popular method of consuming cannabis, but many people say that it is one of the best when it comes to getting high.

You should be careful with this method because there are greater chances of injury, so it is recommended to use this method alone or with a smaller group of people. This method is most popular in New Zealand.

What Do You Need To Hot Knife Weed?

For this process, you will need the following:

  • 2 Flat Butter Knives
  • Weed, Kief, Wax, or Hash
  • a Stove Burner
  • Empty Water or Soda Bottle (Plastic)

How To Hot Knife With Ease? – Step-by-Step Process

A hot knife is an easy and simple process. It involves a few easy steps to carry out the process.

Step 1: Heating of Hot Knife

Heat up two flat knives until they become red from the heat. Place only the tips of the knives directly on the coil of a stove burner and leave them until they are good to go. Occasionally check up on them, so you don’t cause a fire.

Step 2: Finding an Object To Catch Smoke

After you place your knives, as we explained in the previous part, you can now find objects that will help you catch smoke. It can be an empty soda bottle or a toilet paper tube, but be careful not to inhale all the smoke because you may choke.

If you can’t find one of these things, you can use whatever object you find that ends with a smaller tip so you can inhale smoke. This so-called device is referred to as a spottle.

Step 3: Put Weed On The Knife

After you have prepared your spottle and your burning hot knives then comes the fun part. Grab your wax, hash, weed, or whatever you got. Put a little piece on the knife and the second knife on top. Gently press hash so it starts burning. This process is best attempted with 2 people, so accompany a friend to help you.

Step 4: Inhale The Smoke

Grab your spottle and inhale the smoke coming from the hash between knives your friend is holding. If you have no one to help you out, you can find something that can hold the spottle close to your face and then use your hands to hold knives.

Precautions: Be careful not to burn your hands while holding knives because they can get pretty hot. You should use kitchen gloves or any other object that is made for holding hot stuff. Do care of everything side by side as you are getting high.

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What Surface Do You Use For the Hot Knife?

When using a hot knife, it is recommended to use a heat-resistant surface such as a ceramic tile or metal plate to prevent damage or burns to the surface. Avoid using plastic or other flammable materials.

Why is Hot Knife Potent?

Hot knives are potent because the heat causes the resin to vaporize, allowing for more THC to be released and inhaled. This can result in a more intense high compared to other methods of consumption.

How Hot Should be a Hot Knife?

Heat your knives for a blader to the point where they glow red. An electric coil burner, a blow torch, or a gas stove burner can ignite these knives directly. Place the knives between the coils of an electric burner to heat them while keeping the handles cool and manageable.

The Bottom Line

A tried-and-true way to consume cannabis without a pipe or rolling papers are hot knifing: When it comes to maximizing euphoria and psychoactive effects while conserving your flower, this method of consumption is ideal.

Even though only a small amount of cannabis is used, its smoke is potent and full of cannabinoids. This means that even a small amount of weed won’t affect how high you get. Be careful when using this method. Also, exercise caution to avoid significant burns and reap the benefits when using the hot knife method.

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