Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

If you’re an experienced weed user for several years or decades, you may experience a so-called “plateau” every once in a while. To best explain this phenomenon, it occurs when your body gets used to the repetitive usage of something – coffee, sweets, weed. In this case, your body got used to the THC percentage that you inhaled, and thus, you need a more potent dose to get high. After several years, if you’re a hardcore user, you can forget about getting high like your first time. It’s just not happening, and to still get fun with weed, you need to step up your game. 

This situation doesn’t always happen, and if you’re just a recreational weed user who smokes several times a week or less, this plateau might be non-existent for you. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that it’s possible to occur, and for the ones that might experience it – there are ways to overcome it without unnecessary upping your weed dosage.

What Is Kief?

Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

Kief has always been present on the weed flowers, but only in the last few years has it attracted people’s attention. The crystal flakes you see on the surface of weed – is kief. It’s present on every single plant of cannabis, regardless of its type. Kief is often referred to as the concentrate. It has a high THC percentage in it, and nowadays, people use it if they want to kickstart their weed session. 

Although humans use kief to get a psychoactive experience, kief has an essential role in the cannabis defense system. Thanks to it, cannabis plants are safe from insects and high temperatures that can damage the surface. 

Between the kief and trichomes, there is an equal mark. It’s the same thing, but people often mix up these two. For kief to do its wonders, it needs to be collected in large quantities. When you prepare your bud for smoking, you use a grinder to break it apart and grind it into smaller pieces. If you ever looked closely at your grinder, you would notice that it has a small storage space underneath it. You can unscrew it, and you’ll see that inside, something similar to dust is present. That’s kief, and it’s collected when you grind the buds. After grinding, kief falls through a small net and fills the container of your grinder. After just one smoking session, you’ll notice that you have a small amount of kief available, so for a decent amount, you would need to grind ten or more buds.

But, once you gather enough, the fun starts. There are many ways to use kief for smoking, so let’s see which ones are the most popular. 

Smoking Kief

Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

After collecting a reasonable amount of kief, the first thing many people do is to put it into a joint. Remember, kief has a high THC percentage and is a concentrate, which means that fun can transition into headache if you put too much of it. This is important to remember, as many people overdo it and have a bad session later on. 

In most cases, the keyword here is “sprinkle.” You should sprinkle your kief on top of your joint before folding it up. The amount of kief this way will be more than enough to give your joint more kick than usual, but it won’t be too much to provide you with headaches and glue you to the bed. Kief looks like dust, and thus, it’s often hard to determine how much is enough. The rule of thumb here is that you take a pinch of it and just lay it out across the weed in your joint.

The high you get this way will surely keep you occupied for the next few hours. Even if you’re a stubborn smoker that doesn’t get so high from the regular stuff, the kief joint will make you wonder why you didn’t start using it earlier. But, sprinkling kief on the joint isn’t the only way it could be used. If you have a bit more knowledge, you could make something way better and more potent.


Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

We all know that edibles are a cup of tea for every cannabis user and that many people just adore consuming something which has weed in it. It’s like a win-win situation. You eat something tasty that you like, and at the same time, you get high. How cool is that?

If you have enough knowledge and the proper tools, you can use kief to create edibles—specifically, cannabutter. Yeah, we know what you may be thinking – cannabutter, what a lousy cringe name. But, if we tell you that you can use it with pretty much every meal, would you still mock it? With cannabutter, you’ll be getting your daily edible high. 

The process is identical when it comes to every single edible. Decarboxylation is the key. To get the full-blown impact of those sweet cannabinoids, you need to expose your cannabis to a 100 degrees Celsius temperature. This way, THCA turns into psychoactive THC, which you should thank for all the good times you’re about to have. Thanks to the kief, cannabutter is potent enough to give you a good buzz, but at the same time, you’ll have a delicious meal as well.

Make sure to check out our wide selection of edibles, we’re sure you will find something for you.

Try Something New

Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

All in all, kief is a godsend if you want to spice up your smoking session. It will give a good enough kick without completely blasting you off. It might be a bit hard to acquire since you need to grind a lot of buds to get it, but we guarantee that when you gather enough of it, you’ll never go back to smoking without it. Just be careful when putting it inside a joint. Too much, and you’ll curse the time you took it. But too little, and you won’t even notice it. 

Your Guide to Smoking Kief The Right Way

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